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Clarence Gilyard Jr. Has Died: Friends and Colleagues Remember the ‘Blessed’ Actor.

Clarence Gilyard, an acting icon, died recently at the age of 66. He was well-known for his roles in films such as “Walker, Texas Ranger,” and “Die Hard.” He was also a film and theater professor at the University of Nevada (UNLV).

His university colleagues notified his passing on their alumni Facebook page, and many shared their grief. He was well-liked by his coworkers and appreciated passing on what he had learnt in the field to the next generation.

Gilyard’s employees complimented him for his kindness and generosity and charity, noting he was always eager to help when asked. They acknowledged how much he mattered to the school and how fortunate they were to have him. Heather Addison, the film’s chairperson, stated that whenever they asked him how he was, he enthusiastically said, “Blessed!” Professor G, they adore him and shall miss him terribly!

The actor spent his final days at UNLV certain that training a new generation of cinema fans and performers was “too much fun.” Despite his big on-screen appearance, he chose to spend his time teaching.

Gilyard’s untimely death was confirmed by UNLV, who stated it was a “hard blow” to all. Fellow actors and former co-stars also issued remarks when the news surfaced, expressing their sadness.

Gilyard’s death was confirmed by UNLV in a statement issued on November 28. There was nothing additional reported about the details of his death, with the particular reason still unknown. He had been suffering from “a protracted sickness,” they added.

Gilyard began teaching at UNLV in 2006 and has thoroughly enjoyed it. Although his manager, who also functioned as his agent, wasn’t pleased with Gilyard’s job choices, he didn’t see the point in leaving his students.

Gilyard’s followers, like his coworkers, were saddened to learn of his passing and raced to social media to offer their support and to remember the idol.

Many more admirers also left poignant remarks and pondered on the actor’s long career.

Fans recalled Gilyard by repeating phrases from movies in which he appeared.

Dang. One of my favorite actors. R.I.P. Clarence.

Posted by Nathan Pensol on Monday, 28 November 2022

Many of Gilyard’s co-stars and other prominent members of the performing community paid homage to him upon his passing. A number of individuals took to Twitter to remember him. Chris Reed of “Sons of Anarchy” revealed:

“Clarence Gilyard has passed away. RIP to a legendary screen presence.”

Individuals from all walks of life gathered to honor Gilyard’s legacy, including authors, editors, screenwriters, and producers remembering his impact on movie history. Those he taught were likewise profoundly moved.

With the holidays approaching, many fans were looking forward to a popular practice of rewatching “Die Hard.” With Gilyard’s death, fans have said that seeing the classic thriller is a must- they were originally intending on seeing Die Hard tonight for their traditional Christmas viewing, but Clarence Gilyard’s death made it mandatory.”

Gilyard and his second wife, Elena Gilyard, have been married since 2001. He was a dad of six kids. The actor rose to prominence as Conrad McMasters on the hit TV drama “Matlock.”

Clarence Gilyard got his chance to act with Chuck Norris after making a reputation for himself with “Top Gun” and his regular part on “Matlock,” and he seized it. On December 24, 1955, the actor was born.

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