Colorado Boy Is Hit and Killed on Crosswalk While Returning Home from Dinner with Friends

A Colorado neighborhood is grieving the death of a 10-year-old kid who died in a catastrophic scooter accident on Saturday night.

After spending time with his pals, the youngster, named by family members as Austin Lobato, contacted his parents to say he was coming home and would be back in five minutes, according to his dad.

When Chad Lobato and his wife heard sirens 20 minutes later, they went to the site and saw their kid being taken to the hospital.

In his heart, as a parent, he is urging him to fight, ‘You’re going to come through this,’ and he just didn’t, Chad explained.

Arvada Police showed up to the incident on Candelas Parkway soon before 7:40 p.m. local time, according to the department.

When officers arrived, they discovered a 10-year-old youngster on an electric scooter who had been hit by a car, police said in a statement. The car’s driver stayed on the site and assisted the inquiry.

The ten-year-old died early the next morning.

The Arvada Police Department’s Accident Team is examining the incident to see whether any charges should be filed. They do not assume that speed or drunkenness were factors in this collision, according to the police. Their  hearts go out to the family of this youngster.

Chad stated that he and his wife were at their son’s football game hours before the collision, when he caught a pass and scored a touchdown.

Chad expressed he was his best buddy. Every parent will say their child was the greatest, however in this case, he was the best.

Austin was recalled as the “greatest big brother” and a “fun, loving, and lovely child.”

According to a note on a GoFundMe campaign set up to assist the family with medical and memorial expenses, the 10-year-old liked adventure, his family, friends, and backflipping on the trampoline. The note added among his boisterous companions, his gentle, soft-spoken presence produced a tranquility.

Any surplus contributions will be used to establish a scholarship fund in the boy’s honor.

As of Wednesday, the GoFundMe campaign had garnered more than $70,000.

The organizer added, it’s difficult to understand the pain and loss felt by his parents, friends, relatives, and the Candelas Community. “Heartbreaking.”

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