Company Loses A Client After Manager Takes Vacation And Doesn’t Check Her Work Email.

Source: Reddit

My husband and I took a much needed vacation to the beach last week and the entire week before we left I sent emails around letting everyone know I’d be completely inaccessible for the week so to come and see me for any work materials needed, files etc. I gave everyone everything I knew or thought they’d need and left confident that everyone had prepared themselves, seeing as I’d given them 8 days to prepare.

When I returned I found chaos in the office. Apparently one of my colleagues had needed files for a particularly important client of ours and had not been able to find them in my office and I never responded to calls or emails, as I warned I wouldn’t do. This coworker knew they’d be handling this client and had 8 days and 12 hours a day to ask me for all pertinent files and appears to have not.

In any case, I was blamed because the client is technically mine and I am supervisor of this coworker.

I contend that I am blameless because this coworker had 8 days to collect all their files like their other coworkers did and they neglected to do so. No one seems to care about that.

Am I a jerk here?

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