Company’s REACTION To A Baby Born In Their Restaurant Is Truly PRICELESS.

Winning something is really cool. Winning something for life is even better.

Falon Griffin was having contractions when she and her husband, Robert, stopped at a San Antonio Chik-fil-A. Falon wanted to use the bathroom to wash up before the couple continued on to the hospital, but the restaurant had just closed.

So they began banging on the door, and the contractions started coming fast and furious. So store director Brenda Enriquez unlocked the door and let them in. Falon was soon screaming in pain, and Brenda KNEW there was gonna be a baby born in her Chik-fil-A, so she ran to grab some towels and helped out in any and every way she could. A very short time after that Robert was delivering his baby girl.

For having their baby in Chik-fil-A, the restaurant chain has promised the couple a lifetime supply of meals. Representatives also said their daughter would automatically have a job waiting for her when she’s old enough to work. 

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