“Completely Manipulative and Full of Sh*t”: Joe Rogan Doesn’t Hold Back, Calls Amber Heard ‘Crazy Lady’

The denouncement hearing of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is about to come to a decision on May 27. Both the superstars have taken the stand to express their opinion. Now only the concluding testimonials are yet to be carried out.

The event is being streamed live virtual and with the mass media covering every second of it, has turn out to be a sensation on the internet. Several other superstars have pronounced their view on the event. They’ve chosen sides on the event, although various celebrities are in support of Johnny Depp. Whereas some are in support of Amber Heard, Joe Rogan, too, shared his view on the hearing. He appears to support Depp. 

Of late, Joe Rogan spoke about the Depp v. Heard hearing on his show “The Joe Rogan Experience.” He was in conversation with the guest, Jessica Kirson. The way he spoke of the situation, he looked to not have faith in Amber Heard. He trusts that Johnny Depp is not guilty and must win the case.

Joe said that he is watching this hearing and it’s a cautionary story about trusting in bullshit, creating a storyline in your head like they both are rebels together. Joe further said that is what he felt like about Anthony Bourdain and his association to that silly lady and said that now everybody is seeing all the foolish things come out.

It also appeared that the star had been observing the hearing carefully as he talked about small particulars. 

Joe spoke about the makeup event where he said that how Amber claimed hiding black eye with a precise cosmetics brand and the brand rejected that they made the products back then. 

Joe continued and added that is what takes place with people who are just devious and full of shit like that. He said that Doug Stanhope knows her as Stanhope’s buddies with Depp. Joe said that Stanhope penned somewhat like a slight thesis about how full of shit she is as he knows her well, like a silly actress.

Joe continued and said that this is a huge win for Depp and an enormous loss for “Pirates of the Caribbean”. He then concluded that people got rid of the best pirate they ever had, just for a silly woman.

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