Concerned Mother Slaps The Hand Of An 60 Yr Old Cashier For All The Right Reason.

This was almost 6 years ago when our daughter was only a few weeks out of the NICU after being born more than 10 weeks early. She is now fine and doing great in Kindergarten.

When we first brought her home she still needed a lung and heart monitor to make sure she was breathing properly. She was born in February, so most of the time we would keep her home due to the extreme Midwestern weather. But occasionally we’d want to take her out and feel like a normal family with a newborn. But, obviously additional precautions needed to be taken.

We had a baby carrier cover to protect from the weather but that gets quite warm so we started to use a mosquito net in order to keep random strangers from just reaching in and touching her. This worked amazingly. It was important because she had a severely low immune system and any kittle bug could send her right back to the NICU. So this was a very big deal for us.

We started using this net because it was an issue with complete strangers just walking up and touching our newborn. Not cool to do BTW. And it mostly worked great, people could still see her and get all mushy over her, but couldn’t easily get to her without us noticing.

Well, this one particular day, we went to the grocery store to get a few items. All is going fine, mosquito net is working great. We go to self checkout so we can get finished quickly and get her home. The woman attending the self check out apparently notices that we have a newborn and wants to see her. No problem, peek through the net like everyone else, right? Nope, this woman thinks it’s OK to just lift the net and rub her cheeks. This woman works with $ all day. Her hands have to be absolutely riddled with germs. We say politely, not to lift the net, and not to touch her as she has an immune disorder. The woman actually says oh no, that’s OK, I’m sure she’ll be fine and keeps reaching into the carrier.

My wife puts the net back down rather forcefully, and says, no it’s not OK and please don’t reach in there again. I was grabbing a soda from the “last minute coolers” at the register, when I hear what is very clearly skin to skin contact from a slap.

Apparently, the woman, went back to our daughter, while my wife was loading cash into the machine wife spotted her at the last second, and reached over and slapped the sh*t out of the woman’s hand.

Now, this woman was easily in her late 60s. My wife and I were a very young looking 27 at the time. She was just beside herself that someone had the nerve slap her hand. And actually started scolding my wife about being disrespectful to her elders. So, my wife says, let me speak to a manager NOW!.

Suddenly a look of “Oh sh*t, what have I done” comes over this woman’s face. As the manager is approaching, the cashier is being very apologetic and trying to calm the situation down now. My wife tells the manager what happened, and then told her about how the cashier responded. We didn’t stick around for what was said to the woman, but we never saw her again.

The manager is now the GM at another location that we shop at now that we’ve moved, and she still remembers us, our daughter is always so excited to see her and talk to her about how things are going in school.

Source: Reddit

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