Cop Adopts Homeless Woman’s New Born Baby.

As Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets was preparing to clear the scene of a theft at a convenience store, he noticed a couple sitting in the grass against a cement wall. They looked like they were shooting up heroin. They were. And he could see that the woman, in her mid-30s, was pregnant.

She told the officer that she was 8 months pregnant, and he told HER that she was going to kill her baby by doing what she was doing. But she told him she was addicted… had been since she was a teenager. She was homeless, addicted and pregnant. And she told Ryan that she wanted someone to adopt the baby. And in a very stunning moment, Ryan, a stranger to her and a police officer at that, told the woman that HE would adopt her baby.

So, a short time later, Ryan and his wife, Rebecca, did just that. And now, Ryan and Rebecca have a little baby girl. They named her… Hope. 

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