Cop Adopts The Homeless Woman’s Newborn Baby.

Last year, 33-year-old Jesse Whitten and his wife adopted a little girl. Normally, that would not have made the news. But this was a pretty special adoption.

Jesse works with the Santa Rosa Police Department in California and he meets all sorts of people while out on patrol. One day, he met a drug-addicted homeless woman with nowhere to go, and she was pregnant. Later, Jesse took his wife, Ashley, out with him to meet the woman. They both offered to take the woman to a rehab facility. That’s when the woman realized that this couple was very loving and caring. And that’s when she asked them if they would adopt her unborn child. The couple had three other young daughters at home and they had to do a lot of thinking about it.

On Feb. 9, she gave birth to a little girl, who was named Harlow. Hospital officials asked her if she wanted to put her baby into foster care, but she declined. Instead, she told them to call Officer Whitten and his wife. So they did. And on Aug. 30, the Whittens became the official parents of little Harlow.

Says Ashley: Harlow’s mom envisioned “this beautiful life for her daughter and because of her situation, she couldn’t give that to her. But because of her interactions with Jesse through the police department, she knew she could trust him.”

And that trust will see Harlow through the rest of her life.

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