Cop Helps Boy To Celebrate His 8th Birthday After No One Picks Him Up From School.

As the young boy waited in the school’s office, there’s no doubt he was anxious and excited. It was his eighth birthday, and he waited and waited for his one parent to pick him up from school. But that parent never showed up because that parent, the mother, had been arrested earlier in the day for violating her parole.

So school officials, not being able to reach that parent, called the police. That would be the Green Bay Police Department, and officer Darryl Robinson responded to the call.

When Robinson entered the school’s office, he looked down at the boy, and he immediately recognized him. He had already, unfortunately, had some history with the boy’s family.

Even though the boy was in fairly good spirits, he couldn’t really understand why his mom did not pick him up from school. So Robinson told the youngster that he was going to give him a little ride in his patrol car. Well the boy was extremely excited to hear that! And on the ride, Robinson decided to stop by a McDonald’s and he bought both of them meals. The boy was really happy about that too, and he was thrilled with the toy he got in his Happy Meal.

They also stopped by the police department, where the boy was given some Green Bay Packers cards and some police stick-on tattoos. Robinson spent nearly an hour with the youngster, showing him around the city, treating him to a meal, and, most importantly, talking to him, and allowing him to thoroughly enjoy his birthday.

Finally, the boy’s grandfather was contacted and Robinson took the boy to his home. The police department posted about the incident on Facebook, and the story went viral, with one commenter saying, “”What a fine officer. No one is more committed to the community than Officer Darryl Robinson. That little boy will remember that for the rest of his life.”

Yesterday Officer Robinson responded to a local elementary school for a child that was not picked up at the end of the…

Posted by Green Bay Police Department on Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Another wrote: “I think i just felt my heart break. Thanks to the officer for making that boys birthday a little better.”

Says officer Robinson: “Officers do this every day — not just police, but different public service jobs as well. All of us do this. It’s not rare.”

He added that he plans to contact the youngster in the near future.

The officer said: “If he wants to come tour the police station or see more things that we have to offer here — and play with the lights and stuff, we’ll be happy to do that.” 

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