Cop Is Going Viral On The Internet For His Hidden Talent.

Cops are just cops and don’t know how to do anything else. Ok, that’s what some might think. But many police officers out there can do several different things aside from being police officers. And recently, one officer is getting a lot of notice for his golden voice.

His name is Phil Paz, and he works for the police department in Oklahoma City. And Phil is quite the singer. One day, while recording, Phil decided to sing a big hit by Lionel Richie called “Easy Like Sunday Morning.” As he sits in his squad car, out comes the sounds of his golden voice, echoing the song made famous several years back.

When he posted it to the Internet, people were amazed; they could not believe how great he sounded. Then Phil cuts loose halfway through the song, jumping an octave and hitting some amazing notes. The video has been viewed by nearly 8 million people.

Angela Martin commented: “I’ve listened to this every day for the last two weeks! love it!!” Another user, Dusty, said: “I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting that, great job brother.”

Looks like if Phil wants to dabble with another career, he’s got a pretty good one to go to. And the next time you see a police officer, ask him what else he can do. You might just be surprised.

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