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Cop Saves Woman From Being Mauled By Six Pit Bulls, Now She Wants Him Fired.

When Rochelle Silva of Massachusetts went out to walk her daughter’s dog, Ace, she had no idea she’d soon be battling for her life. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Rochelle was passing by a neighbor’s home in Taunton when a pit bull escaped from his yard and started assaulting the tiny dog as she rushed to assist.

The neighbor raced out to hold his dog just as Rochelle was about to toss it over a neighboring fence. Sadly, this enabled his five other pit bulls to flee the home, encircling Rochelle with a flurry of toothy jaws.

The pit bulls tore at Rochelle’s body as she clutched the little puppy in an effort to get to Ace. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a miracle appeared: a Taunton police officer who happened to be on patrol at the same place.

The officer used his lights and siren instantly, startling the dogs long enough for a bystander to help the bleeding lady into the vehicle. The pit bulls seized as soon as he shut the door, assaulting the police van in bulk. Rochelle very certainly avoided a horrific and torturous death as a result of the officer’s fast thinking.

Unfortunately, despite Rochelle’s attempts, she was unable to prevent Ace from being slain. But Rochelle’s life was spared that day thanks to the quick thinking of a good Samaritan and a police officer. Instead of thanking the officer, Rochelle wants to have him removed from the force.

According to Rochelle and her daughter, Arianna Silva, the police officer should have done more to protect her from the assault pit dogs. The officers, according to the duo, should have shot or used a taser on the dogs rather than just attempting to get them away from Rochelle.

Despite the fact that Rochelle and Arianna want the officer penalized, the department verified that he followed procedure and chose the appropriate course of action. According to the police report, the officer was unable to safely discharge his pistol without potentially harming Rochelle or the owner, leaving him with little alternative except to attempt to frighten the dogs away.

According to the complaint, after Rochelle was securely in the cruiser, several of the pit bulls attempted to jump through the window and attack the police officer. Nonetheless, the mother and daughter believe the police should have done more to assist.

Rochelle was taken to Rhode Island Hospital via ambulance, where she got skin grafts and 100 stitches. Her wounds will also need many weeks of therapy. While assisting Rochelle, the good Samaritan was also bitten but only received a minor leg injury.

Following the event, the pit bulls’ owner was able to regain control of them and return them to his house. However, Animal Control then took the dogs and detained them pending the owner’s trial.

While some individuals demand that law enforcement personnel be disarmed and dissolved, others criticize them for not using their firearms. They seem to be unable to win no matter what they do.

For the time being, no foul play is suspected. However, if Rochelle and Arianna get their way, the cop in question might be fired.

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