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Cop Sees Mom Breastfeeding Her 3-Week-Old Daughter In A Parked Car—And Gives Her A Ticket

Guillermina Rodriguez of New York had four kids at the time of the event, including a three-week-old infant girl. Let’s just say that transporting her children around Manhattan’s bustling streets may be a little difficult.

Guillermina had been detained in traffic for nearly an hour when her baby girl started crying and fussing. She realized her baby was hungry, so she needed to pull over at the earliest opportunity to feed her. Guillermina was already worried, and all she needed to do now was care for her kid.

The worried mother pulled into the first available place. Guillermina jumped into the back seat with her kid and began breastfeeding her while her car was securely parked in a metered parking place in a business zone.

Guillermina noticed a cop and a tow vehicle outside her SUV a few minutes later. The police hadn’t discovered her in the back seat until this time and was about to have her car towed.

She attracted the officer’s attention by blasting her horn, and she was pleased when he opted not to tow her vehicle. She was taken aback when he handed her a ticket.

Guillermina, perplexed by the sentence, revealed to the officer her infant and her breast in the process…

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