Cop Wasn’t Expecting This When His Card Got Declined Twice.

Source: Reddit

I was at a popular Mexican food franchise waiting to pay for my food and the person in front of me, who was on break as they were still in a uniform, forgot their card in their work vehicle outside. No biggie, I waited maybe five minutes for him to come back and pay. When he came back he swiped his card twice and it was declined.

He looked embarrassed and told the cashier to forget about it when I stepped in and swiped my card. I swear I could see tears in his eyes when he told me to have a blessed day.

When it was my turn to pay, the cashier told me to wait a second. In this time, she went and grabbed the manager key and gave me my meal for free. I just thought it was so sweet, I fully intended on paying for my meal. Idk, just wanted to share my story.

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