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Cops Face Blame After Teen Girls Die Trying To Steal Car, Police Come Back With Priceless Response

After dash cam footage of three youths who died after driving a stolen car into a river and drowning was revealed, their relatives questioned officials’ efforts to save them.

The three teenagers, aged 15 and 16, from Tampa, Florida, allegedly stole a Honda Accord and were pursued by cops until the automobile ended up in a pond. The girls died after drowning, and their family alleged that cops on the scene did nothing to try to save them.

They are evaluating everything, the teen’s lawyer, Will Anderson, stated. This, in his view, has been a hasty decision. This, in his judgment, has been a smear campaign.

Sheriff Bob Gualtieri defended his officer’s conduct, claiming they did all correctly.

He is not going to stand by and allow these guys to spread lies, he stated. They’re aiming high and want to be spin masters.

Gualtieri described the pond as “heavy with muck” and hard for the cops to enter.

Michele Whitfield, a lawyer for two of the girls, said the dash cam footage was also suspect and demonstrated that “there are additional concerns that need to be resolved.”

She simply feels like the Sheriff is providing the illusion of openness at this time, she said. She is still waiting on a few paperwork.

Dash-cam video controversy after teens drown

Dash-cam video circulating on social media suggests Pinellas County deputies stood by as three teenage girls drowned in a stolen car, but the sheriff's office says it's not an accurate depiction of events. WATCH THE FOOTAGE:

Posted by FOX 13 News – Tampa Bay on Friday, April 22, 2016

A couple officers are seen chatting about the car after it was driven into the river in a clip released from dash cam footage that did not show the complete event.

It’s all the way down.  It’s nearly completely flooded, one deputy says in the video.

They’re finished. They’re finished. Another individual responded, They’re sig seven, bro, alluding to the radio code meaning “dead person.”

Regardless of the video, the Sheriff’s office stated that their deputies did everything possible to save the teenagers and that just because it’s not on camera doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

“This is absurd; they were only doing their job.” Perhaps if more parents taught their children respect and the difference between right and wrong, the police would not have to chase or arrest them,” one Mad World News reader said on the site’s Facebook page.

“It’s really unfortunate that the cops are being faulted for this because those girls were irresponsible and still in the car driving too fast their parents should have taught him better at home maybe if there was consequences two things they done they wouldn’t have done this so the parents need to point a finger in their own Direction and accept the responsibility for this it’s not the cops fault,” another added.

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