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Cops Locate Missing Toddler And Realize Family Dog Had Been Protecting Her The Whole Time.

A dog will love you unconditionally. You will never feel or be alone when you have a dog. The story below will remind us of a famous quote “Dogs are man’s best friend.”

One evening in Missouri, Remy, 3, was on the swing in the front yard of their house when her mom Timberlyn Merritt for a minute walked away. When she came back she found the place empty. She could not see her daughter and their one year old Yorkie named Heath anywhere. Heath was their little dog who was Remy’s forever buddy.

Frightened and in tears she called 911. Timberlyn went into the cornfield and called her daughter’s name out while waiting for help to arrive. Her heart shattered every time she called out to Remy and there was no response. She was worried since there are many kinds of wild animals on the farms.

Timberlyn called her family and friends to help her search Remy. More than 100 people searched in pitch black darkness through the field of 8 foot high stalks. The search followed through the next day when they heard a barking sound. After 12 hours of search the rescuers found her half a mile from their home. When they saw her they witnessed their most beautiful sight- Remy was asleep and was not alone. To her side was Heath, her loyal buddy who never left her side.

While Remy’s mom hugged her she found her exhausted and sweaty. All thanks to her best friend she was kept safe from serious danger besides mosquito bites.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol shared this moment on their Twitter account:

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