Cop’s Wife Never Expected This Lady To Say This About Her Husband.

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We received this message from Mrs. Summers today and thought it was appropriate to share her words…

I want to share this about my husband. A police officer in Flint for 24 years. I know how awesome he is as a husband, Dad and Poppa….but we were at Meijers tonight after he got out of work, he was still in uniform and we were a good way.

First a little boy came up to him and was just staring at him, telling Ronnie Summers how he wanted to be a police officer. My husband took time to shake this little boys hand and talk to him about being the police, even though he was tired after a 12 hour overtime shift.

A few minutes later in a different aisle of the store, 2 men said hi to Ron and then were talking to each other. I heard them say, “Remember, that’s the nice one that came to our house.” At this point, I turned around and told them how much I appreciated hearing them say that. They then started sharing more about how good, fair and kind he was to them. It was heartwarming for me. We thanked them and continued shopping.

THEN near the checkout, I observed a lady making a beeline for my husband to say hi. So I watched and listened. She began to thank him over and over for not giving up on her when she was out on the streets. Told him that the talk they had one time as he took her to jail made a HUGE difference in her life. Ron is smiling, listening and telling her she is welcome. I then go over to her, hold her hand and tell her I thank God for her. She shares more with us about how well she is doing now: off drugs, has her kids back and all kinds of good stuff. She began to tear up and she shared how much it meant that Ron believed in her and saw something in her when she couldn’t believe in herself or see any good in herself. We thanked her some more..I hugged her and we walked away. As we were walking away she told her friend: “He saved my life.”

It was overwhelming how God encouraged my husband tonight and how He affirmed my husband to me. 💜🧡💛💚💟

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