Could This Be One Of The Best Take Downs From A Scorned Wife?

Every marriage has its ups and downs. A husband and wife should always love, care, and respect each other. However in this story a man cheats his wife and she found an unique way to expose his infidelity. Read this post and let us know whether this be one of the most mind-blowing takedowns by a resentful wife?

This newspaper classified ad purports to depict a vengeful deed against an unfaithful spouse and his pregnant mistress.

Patrick Brown and Shara Cormier are congratulated on the news that they are having a child together, according to the listing, and it’s obviously endorsed by Brown’s better half Timeshia.

Although the persons involved appear to be from Sabine County, Texas, it is unknown exactly where and when this advertising was placed.

User kavien posted a photograph of the ad to social news sharing site reddit claiming that the image was shared on Facebook.

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