Couple Drives For 10 Hours To Pick Up Adopted Son When Birth Mom Says She’s Keeping Him

Audra and her husband received the phone call they’d been waiting for: they’d been selected by a birth mother and would be adopting a newborn baby boy. It was almost time to bring their soon-to-be son home following three weeks of preparing the house, setting up the nursery, informing their loved ones, and making all of the required modifications.

The ecstatic couple packed their car and drove the 10-hour trek to the hospital on the day of the baby’s due date. Audra had video-chatted with the birth mother the week before and had prepared a basket of goodies for her. The lengthy vehicle ride was both emotional and thrilling.

Audra wrote on YouTube that thinking back throughout the long stretches of it being ‘only them’ and fantasizing about how everything is going to change.

Before they had met the kid, the couple had fallen in love with him. Audra received the most recent update about 4:30 p.m. The child was born. She got to view his first photograph. Everything was going according to plan!

However, after a 10-hour trip, they were just 20 minutes away from the hospital when Audra received another call. Only this one brought her heart to a halt. “She had a change of heart. She intends to retain the child.”

Audra says in the video that she can’t truly describe how they felt, with the best description being “empty.” She never felt anything like that in her life. She had no idea such a feeling existed. They began to ponder why, posing that critical question to themselves.

The fact that Audra had just undergone a miscarriage exacerbated the situation. She had miscarried only a few days before the adoption fell through. She discovered she was pregnant. They had always been planning on having TWO babies, not just one.

They had been “hanging on so tightly to this adoption” to help deal with the miscarriage and were saddened when neither baby was able to join them at home. Their religion assisted them get through this difficult period.

The couple has no ill will against the mother since they know she will do an excellent job. The video concludes with a thank you to friends, family, and the community for “reaching out, praying, and being such an inspiration through this time.”

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