Couple In Critical Condition After Gruesome Machete Attack — Police Call It ‘Random’

Kevin, 55, and Leanne Craft, 50, were visiting the Public Storage location on 5th Avenue South when the unimaginable occurred. In a fit of fury, a guy with an 18-inch-long machete started a violent assault, slicing and stabbing the pair.

According to police, Kelvin Edwards, 35, entered the workplace with the intent to murder. But new information has obscured the rationale for such a heinous act of violence, forcing detectives to piece together the puzzle.

Metro Nashville Police think Edwards attempted to murder the unwitting couple not intentionally, rather merely since they were in the wrong location at the wrong time. The guy reportedly beat the husband and wife as he was enraged about an unrelated incident. He is charged of slashing his victims even after they were bleeding to death on the floor.

According to police, Edwards cut Kevin and Leanne many times after learning that the Rescue Mission had been shuttered. Edwards is apparently homeless and informed cops that he was angry because he couldn’t enter the shelter.

Edwards is charged of entering the storage office and removing a machete from a container owned by him at the facility. Edwards reportedly went out of the building, dropped his weapon, and stood in the middle of the street with his hands up after the assault. After that, he was detained and charged with two counts of attempted murder.

Luckily, first responders arrived in time to help the pair. Both were critically injured and brought to the hospital. Officials subsequently verified that Leanne had been stabilized, while Kevin remained critically ill.

Edwards was arrested in 2016 and convicted of vandalism in 2017. He spit on two Davidson County Sheriff’s officers while incarcerated. As a consequence, he was eventually charged with and convicted of two counts of assault.

The family thanked the department in a letter read aloud to the public for saving Kevin and Leanne’s lives.

As anger and terror grow towards law enforcement personnel, it is critical to remember the great majority of officers’ constructive activities. There are many examples of men and women in uniform risking their lives to rescue others and reestablish public safety.

In a society riddled with constant risk, there are a few people who are ready to stand in the gap for the defenseless. For their deeds, they deserve nothing but praise.

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