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Couple kiss over the corpse of lion they just shot dead in vile photo causing outrage

Animal lovers find it distressing enough when an animal is hunted for sport, yet celebrating the slaughter is something else entirely.

One Canadian pair was so delighted to have killed a large lion that they felt the need to take a photo of themselves cuddling next to its body. Thousands of people who are disgusted by the picture have shared it.

Darren and Carolyn Carter made the decision to take a photo and kiss to commemorate the tragedy.

An image of the hunt was uploaded to Facebook by the South African hunting firm Legelela Safaris with the caption, ‘Hard work in the blazing Kalahari heat… nicely done. a huge lion.’

I’m not the only one who doesn’t see how shooting a helpless animal in captivity qualifies as “hard labor.”

Legelela Safaris offers some of the most costly packages to people who wish to kill a hyena; shooting a lion is listed as “pricing on request.” The company’s website adds that it wants to give the finest to hunters and non-hunters equally and they would love it if one brought their family along.

Thousands of people commented on the distressing photograph after it went viral, including Dr. Lauren Gavaghan, who tweeted: “Not courageous. No thanks. Extremely cowardly. What cruel, heartless creatures to destroy such a gorgeous, lovely animal.

The kissing pair are Darren and Carolyn Carter from Alberta, Canada, according to Xpose Trophy Hunting. They killed three canned lions in one day. On Facebook, they operate a taxidermy company called Solitude Taxidermy.

According to Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, advocates term to the slaughter of an animal that is in an enclosure for a trophy as canned hunting.

“I am really shocked and outraged with these folks,” said Oilergirl in a post. It’s all for entertainment, and it’s abhorrent. This has to end right away!

The pair reportedly got several death threats; as a result, they deleted all of their social media accounts, according to The Animal Rescue Site. Darren stated that they are not at all keen on responding to it. It is very political.

It’s inhumane and ought to be banned; I’ll never understand what motivates someone to pay money to murder an animal.

Please spread the word to support the prohibition of this horrible practice.

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