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Couple Married for Over 79 Yrs Die Hours Apart From Each Other | “They Went Out Together”

A 79-year-old Ohio couple recalled their final moments together. Hubert and June Malicote exemplified pure love, as seen by their 79-year marriage. After being together for so long, they both turned 100 in July. They celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary on June 8. Hubert and June Malicote, both 100 years old, died last week, according to their 76-year-old son.

Folks said that Hubert died just hours before his wife on Nov. 30, by mere hours, signaling the end of their 81-year love story. June died around 20 hours later, on the afternoon of December 20th.

Jo Malicote, the couple’s daughter, had a few words to say about her parents, saying, it’s one for the ages. It’s just the way it is. How frequently do you hear such a story? According to Kait8, she also stated, it was a beautiful tale of pure happiness. Their kid Sam expressed he is sorry, although he shouldn’t. Who can hope to live a life like that? They went out together, he added.

June’s health had been failing for some years, according to the couple’s daughter Jo Malicote. Hubert started to suffer only when his wife entered healthcare. She stated, he dropped from 100 to zero in three days. Dad noticed what was going on with mom. He was aware of the prognosis, and he was not about to abandon her. He waited in line to be with her.

According to Sam, Hubert “went apart” and was hospitalized during a visit on November 25. After being comatose for days in the same room, his dad died of a “broken heart,” according to the 76-year-old. When Hubert died, they were hand in hand, according to their daughter. Malicote, Jo they granted her permission to accompany Dad. They met in her room and said, ‘He’s waiting for her,’ and she informed them her mom heard them.

They met at church when they were 19 and went on to overcome all from the Great Depression to Covid. They claimed to have never fought in their 79 years of marriage. Hubert and June, both born in July 1922, married on June 8, 1943. During WWII, Hubert was stationed in Hawaii, thus the couple was separated for two years. He remembered June was waiting for him at the station when he returned.

Hubert turned 100 on July 23rd, and June turned 100 on July 13th. Their daughter Jo Malicote expressed her feelings on her parents’ death, saying they had a lovely life. Their loss is profound, but they take solace in knowing they spent eternity together.

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