Couple Welcomes Son via Surrogate Just 3 Days Before Wife Gives Birth to Daughter: ‘We Were All Crying’

A Tennessee couple’s four-year goal of becoming parents came true – twice!

As per Brookwood Baptist Health statement, Clay and Meredith “Bo” McCord welcomed their first child, boy James Wakefield McCord, through surrogate on Mother’s Day. Bo then gave birth to their little girl, Mary Clark McCord, three days later.

The new father in a statement said they couldn’t be happier. He continued it was such an emotional experience seeing his baby for the first time. To do it all again only three days later and receive their beautiful child, he can’t express how happy he is.

The couple suffered three losses and two rounds of IVF before seeking a buddy, Katie Morse, to see if she would be their surrogate.

Clay stated this in a statement that Katie’s husband, Thomas Morse, was a friend of his wife’s from her undergraduate days at Samford. That led them to Katie, who they knew had previously been a surrogate.

Katie, who resides in Alabama, said Bo contacted her during her second surrogacy — and she knew she wanted to assist another couple receive a baby even before Bo approached.

“She said in a statement, God greatly blessed her husband and herself when they had their kids, and she couldn’t say no to ladies who desired to be moms as strongly as she did. Then something beautiful and unplanned occurred: Bo discovered she, too, was expecting a baby.

Katie explained with this surrogacy, like with her second, the mother became pregnant as well. She thinks it’s something about the pressure being released. Although it was unknown which kid would be delivered first, Katie was convinced she would go into labor significantly earlier than expected and she was correct.

So, on May 7, Katie “prayed” that the couple’s kid would come in time for Mother’s Day. Katie recalls the time baby James was delivered at Brookwood Women’s Center: ‘Everybody in the room was sobbing.’

She expressed her best moment of delivery is always witnessing the parents’ response to seeing their baby for the first time. But everybody said they were sobbing and shocked.

Although the road wasn’t always smooth, Bo said she couldn’t be more grateful.

The new mom, who gave birth to their daughter in a Tennessee hospital explained  they were all sobbing in the delivery room as it was such a great time, and only three days later, she delivered their baby girl. When they reflect on their path, they simply want to inspire other couples who need encouragement to continue to trust God.

Indeed a lovely coincidence! Congratulations to the family.

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