Couple’s baby done with diapers and fully potty trained at 2-weeks-old

Majority of experts approve that parent can teach their children to be potty trained between one and half to two-years old.

However, Tom Lindwood and Montana Lower from Australia managed to shock everyone as they trained their baby to be potty trained at just two weeks old.

The couple run the YouTube channel ‘On The Way’ and frequently share videos about their lives. Their achievement was attained by technique of “elimination communication”.

Their gorgeous baby girl, Blue, doesn’t look worried that she doesn’t have to wear a diaper any longer. The little girl hasn’t been requiring diapers ever since she was two weeks old.

The elimination communication method, depend on the parents to rightly realise when their baby wants toilet time. When they see one of these signs, they take the baby to the toilet. The couple applied this method in their own home and it has evidently worked.  

Once the mother first heard about elimination communication, she was skeptical, but later realised that diapers are no longer required and that the whole thing went quite well.

It just took her only one day of taking it very extremely, actually committing to notice signs and bring her daughter to the toilet. After that one day, Blue now looks at either mom or dad wherever she needs to go.

So, the big question is how to know these signs when your baby needs to go to the toilet?

It’s really fairly alike to something most parents are able to see pretty easily, for example, whenever they’re hungry. Elimination communication is essentially the same, though not each child will show the same cues, so your range may differ.

Elimination communication has certainly gained approval over the years but is has its own benefits and cautions.

Undoubtedly, we cannot reject that this is much cleaner and a lot more relaxed. Some specialists have faith in that it truly fortifies the bond amid babies and parents and that it makes them acquire self-confidence.

On the other hand, elimination communication isn’t continually cleaner, particularly if you’re still in the learning stage. Moreover, one also need commitment and sufficient time.

According to Tom Lindwood and Montana Lower, their baby hasn’t poo’d in a diaper since she was 2 weeks old since they did Elimination Communication. The couple said that there are many motives and ways to start Elimination Communication journey and it all begins with knowing plentiful about the method.

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