Couples Get The Perfect Revenge On Their Neighbor’s Kids.

Source: Reddit

So our neighbors’ kids do not know boundaries and like to play in front of our house and sometimes in our driveway. We do not mind them doing that but we find it disrespectful when they leave their toys behind our cars at the end of the day. Countless times, we have had to move their stuff out of the way to get our cars out and there have been a few times that we have run over their stuff and had some close calls with bigger items like strollers and bikes. As my significant other was heading out to put the trash out for pick up this morning, he found one of their bikes right where we are supposed to put our barrel.

Guess what ended up being mistaken for trash today? His thought process was “they should be more careful where they put their stuff on trash day”. He chose not to move it for all the times we have had to do it for them. Whoops.

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