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Courteney Cox cleans her Walk of Fame star & fans think it’s so Monica of her.

Courteney Cox is making great efforts to take care of her new Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

Less than a month after receiving her sparkling red and gold star, the “Friends” actress explained on Instagram how she plans to keep it in excellent shape.

On March 22, Cox shared a humorous video of herself cleaning up her star after a few people stepped on it.

As someone stomps and scrapes their shoes on the celebrity, the 58-year-old actress bolts from a café and grabs her cleaning supplies while Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” plays in the background.

Basically, directly at the star, she quips in the video while appearing to be outraged.

“You may go around,” she says to a few onlookers on the street.

Since she already has the equipment, the “Scream” actress decides to polish a couple of her celebrity friends’ stars as well. She goes by the stars of Laura Dern, Reese Witherspoon, and Jennifer Aniston and gives them a quick wash.

Someone has to do it, Cox said in the post. She also shared the video on the Homecourt Beauty and Cleaning Products Instagram page.

“Thanks for keeping us clean, Court!!” remarked Witherspoon in response to the post.

David Spade, an actor and comedian, suggested that Cox should scrub his star next.

Cox’s “Friends” co-star Lisa Kudrow commented that it’s the finest thing ever.

Some admirers pointed out that Cox is just as much of a neat freak as her famous “Friends” character, Monica Geller, who was believed to be obsessed with cleanliness.

One admirer said that’s definitely Monica.

Another person commented, “Not just clean, Monica clean.”

When Aniston, Kudrow, and Dern attended Cox’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Feb. 27, she appeared to foresee that her close friend would go over and above to safeguard her star.

Aniston, 54, informed the audience during her address that Cox’s attention to detail is quite intense. One really hopes there isn’t anything like a stain or a spot on the wall, or that a pillow is out of position or that a hair or whatever has to be plucked.

She was simply thinking, thank goodness this star is straight, she said, alluding to Cox’s new star on Hollywood Boulevard.

When Aniston explained that visitors will soon be walking over the star on a regular basis, Cox replied by widening her eyes and appearing scared.

During their addresses, Kudrow, 59, and the “Morning Show” star praised Cox for being at the core of their close-knit group on the set of “Friends,” which also featured their male co-stars David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, and Matthew Perry.

She made it apparent from the start that this was a genuine ensemble, Aniston said. The friendship show. From 1994 through 2004, the famous comedy ran for ten seasons.

She praised Cox for fostering an atmosphere on set that allowed the six of them to concentrate on embracing and loving one another rather than competing.

Kudrow praised Cox for assisting her co-stars in becoming one of the closest, most loving, most supporting casts in television history.

Cox became the second cast member to get the coveted award with her star. Aniston was awarded the star in February 2012.

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