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Cow Cries Constantly For Missing Baby, Then Looks Through The Fence & Loses Control.

It’s always painful to see a mom torn from her kid.

The separation is as terrible if the mother is human or, in this example, from the animal realm.

This cow was so upset over her calf that she couldn’t stop weeping. Hearing her cries struck me square in the chest.

Karma was rescued from a tiny farm where she had been forced to live in abject poverty.

Karma’s rescuers at California’s Gentle Barn Sanctuary expected her to be glad to be given a better life, but she couldn’t stop sobbing.

Karma’s new owners discovered her udders were full of milk and realized she’d just had a calf, but they were unaware of why it hadn’t been brought to their attention when they rescued her.

A quick call to the prior farm revealed that her calf had been sold for meat and was on his way to the butcher.

Karma’s calf was traveling in a vehicle that broke down, and her rescuers were able to reach him before he met his awful end.

They had to calm down the anxious calf before bringing him to the sanctuary to be reunited with his mom.

The reunion between mother and son at their new property is breathtaking.

The little calf quickly regains his strength when he sees his mother, despite being severely undernourished and under stress from the circumstances.

In the video below, you can see the touching moment when mother and son are reunited.

Thank you to all the animal lovers out there who work tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of these animals.

Please share this story to honor the dedication of these animal heroes that resulted in Karma’s reunion with her calf.

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