Crying Baby Immediately Starts To Laugh Seeing This Lady.

Story by Betty King

I Think I saw one the other day right in the middle of Costco. I know that is an unlikely place to see anything of an angelic nature. I’m not really sure I’ve ever seen an angel before; maybe she wasn’t but she sure acted like one.

My husband and I found a handicapped parking place and made our way into the monster warehouse type discount store. A place where you can find anything in this world that you want. You can buy gigantic cans, boxes, and packages of food that go stale before two people can possible consume them and household items that come 3-4-6 wrapped in hard to remove plastic. You need a Van to haul the stuff and a three car garage to store them in when you get home.

It was a weekend and of course everyone and their brother were there eating their lunch. You think people really believe those cute little old ladies handing out samples don’t recognize them the sixth time they come around snatching up freebies? They are the ones that never buy anything, they just rave about how good the product is as they sneak from lady to lady filling their bellies. Anyway we had our share and moved on.

I of course was on my three wheel motorized scooter. Me being a little old lady myself, (well maybe not the little part) and having MS; wheels are a necessity for me. I must admit there are times it’s not so bad being handicapped. I get envious looks and comments all the time especially in a place as large as Costco.

Well, we spent more time looking around that day than we did buying or eating and made our way towards the front where we headed for the cattle shoots or as some people call them, checkout lanes. We fell in line and a minute hadn’t passed till I saw my husband eyeballing another line and I said, “Don’t you even think about it!” Bill used to spend more time lane hopping than sampling, till I caught on to his habit.

About that time a baby started crying as if it had been refused something it thought extremely necessary; you know one of those screams that climbs up and down your spine. Well, it didn’t stop — it just kept on and on getting closer and closer. When I realized it was right behind me I turned, swiveling my seat around. There she was a little dark headed girl in her mother’s arms. She was very unhappy and neither her mother nor grandmother could satisfy what ailed her. Nothing they could say or do seemed to faze her in the least as she continued her shrill serenading.

In the mist of all the commotion I set there wishing there was something I could do to help appease the little dark headed doll when along came an angel if ever I saw one. She was a little old lady plainly dressed, walking with a cane. She walked right up to the mother and little brown headed girl and the crying immediately ceased. She began to talk soft and sweet in a low voice and touched her ever so gently. The baby smiled and reached out to finger the white headed halo that crowned the old ladies face. The encounter lasted for 5 to 8 minutes and the child was in awe, as was I, watching God bring together love that spanned generations and celestial realms.

No, I didn’t see any wings or hear any music; there were no trumpets or harps playing. There were no bright lights or cosmic rays. But I did hear a soft voice, saw a shining smile as it lit up the face of a sweet little child, and witnessed a white headed angel using a cane as she delivered a message from God.

Maybe it is true; you can find anything in, or out of this world, that you need or want at Costco.

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