Customer Gets Furious On This Old Cashier For All The Right Reason.

Source: Reddit

He was in line to pay for his groceries later at night and the young female cashier checking out the woman in front of him was being talked to by another, older female cashier.

The older cashier is bugging the younger one about any boyfriends, and the young one is looking uncomfortable about the conversation. She looks shy and possibly a bit underdeveloped. The young one is saying she hasn’t had a boyfriend, and the older one puts up her two fingers in a “v” and goes “it’s because you’re one of these” and then smirks at the customers in line.

Obviously very embarrassed, the young girl tells the older woman to stop, and that she’s uncomfortable. The older woman doesn’t stop.

My husband is furious at this behaviour and obvious harassment. Hubby is a wonderful and sweet person, but the moment you behave poorly, you will be getting a stern talking to. It’s like when you get in trouble from your most respected teacher, he means business and you will know deep down in your bones that you were in the wrong.

He calls the older woman out for making the girl uncomfortable. She makes a comment about it being “just a joke”. He tells her it’s not a joke, it’s sexual harassment, and that she’d better apologize, right now. She makes some sort of other excuse and he cuts her off and demands the apology again. She finally meekly apologized to him first, and he says “why are you apologizing to me?! Apologize to her!” He got the name of the manager and told her to expect to be hauled into the managers office tomorrow.

He let the woman sweat, and didn’t call the manager for a few days to make her think that maybe she was in the clear. When he did call, the manager was appalled that this happened and said he would deal with the woman right away.

I bet it wasn’t the first time this happened for that poor girl, but I’m hoping it was the last time.

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