Cybill Shepherd says she ‘will always love’ her ‘Moonlighting’ co-star Bruce Willis

Cybill Shepherd has stated that she “will always love” her Moonlighting co-star Bruce Willis.

The actress lauded her on-screen love affair from the 1980s dramedy in which they played private investigators. Her remarks come after Willis’ family announced that he had resigned from acting due to aphasia, a disorder in which an individual loses the capacity to communicate.

Shepherd explained that she only had one thing to say about Bruce. When he stepped into the room, no one else was ever considered for the part.

Bruce portrayed David Addison to her daughter Maddie Hayes, and they both worked at Blue Moon Investigations. Their on-screen connection established them as one of television’s finest couples.

She remarked on their on-screen wizardry that it raised her temperature by ten degrees. That signified two things to her: first, she was drawn to him. Two, because they were both incredibly drawn to each other, she would never act on it. She continued that she will always adore Bruce.

Bruce married his first wife, Demi Moore, during the run of Moonlighting, which lasted from March 1985 to May 1989, and they had three adult children: Rumer, Scout, and Tallulah. They separated in 2000, and Willis wedded Emma Heming Willis in 2009. Mabel and Evelyn are their children.

In March, Emma, Demi, and Bruce’s five kids issued a statement announcing that Bruce will be retiring from his beloved profession owing to health concerns. The news came on the heels of a Los Angeles Times investigation in which almost two dozen people who had worked on set with Bruce in recent years (mainly for straight-to-VOD movies) voiced concern about his health. On set, he was alleged to be frequently perplexed, once saying, “Why am I here?”

Bruce’s Moonlighting performance aided him to fame. While he went on to become an action hero in the Die Hard franchise, among other parts, he will be recognized for that humorous and entertaining character.

That’s not to suggest there wasn’t conflict amongst the co-stars. Shepherd, who has been divorced twice stated, “I remember at one point in the show, we simply despised one other.” Yet, she said that the volatility helped it work.

Shepherd appeared in Bruce’s Comedy Central roast in 2018 and joked about how they “disliked each other” during filming the episode, describing their working relationship as “explosive.” She also stated that they had not communicated since the end of the show. She did, nevertheless, describe him as a “great actor” and one of “the nicest men I’ve ever known.” They hugged when the roasting process was through.

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