Dad Changes Newborn’s Diaper in Public Changeroom, Gets Accused of Being a ‘Dirty Old Man’

The novel parents, Damien Leeson and his partner, Melissa Leeson were enjoying the first few weeks of parenthood in 2017.

For them, it was just a normal time as they went to Caneland Central shopping hub in Mackay, Queensland with their daughter. Harpah, their daughter was merely 7 week old then.

The couple learned that Harpah was hungry and also a diaper change was required. Damien agreed to take their daughter into the parents’ room to change her diaper and give food to her. The caring dad did not realised at all that a lady would shortly embarrass him for looking after his little daughter.

A woman came in with her son and looked at him as soon Damien entered the parents’ room with Harpah. Damien remembers that she looked at him and said that it was horrible to see a mature man in a parents’ room with a little girl.

The stranger lady kept saying that Damien was a filthy old man for getting into the parents’ room with his daughter. She goes back and told her friend about him and the other lady also condemned him.  

Damien and Melissa were just in shockwave after the incident. They were stunned and thought that how can somebody say that to someone who is just taking care of their child.

After this unkind experience, Damien wrote a Facebook post to tell his friends about how the strange lady embarrassed him.

His post was swamped with comments and people recounted related instances they went through. Several dads stated that they were shamed likewise when they went into the parents’ rooms with their children.

Damien realized that he was not alone after reading the comments. He said that what a guy supposed to do if he happens to be a single dad? In his opinion, it’s a parents’ room and not a moms’ room and there are no change tables in the male restroom.

Damien, however, didn’t take her criticism too seriously and said that he is quite a hands-on father and he will do whatever he to help his wife. He sought folks to realise that dads can also take care their children.

Do you agree Damien did the correct thing by getting into the parents’ room? Was the strange lady right in embarrassing him for changing his daughter’s diaper and serving her?

We would look forward to see what you think.

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