Dad Constantly Steals 17 Y.O. Daughter’s Food, She Deliberately Starts Adding Lemon To Her Food Because He Is Allergic To Citrus.

The internet is full of excellent and bad parenting advice, what is better to do and what is not to do for parents in each given scenario. This is quite handy, and new parents can only be thankful that these lessons have been shared with them. However, there is virtually little guidance on the internet about what kids with naughty parents should do. Read this story to know what happened between this daughter and father and let us know if you agree with her decision.

Source: Reddit

So to make a long story short, my dad is allergic to citrus which includes lemons ofc.

Over the past year or so, almost any food that I (17 f) consider a safe food, which is basically a comfort food for different occasions, has been eaten by my dad (50 m). Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, but now it’s starting to get my on nerves considering he’s taken it upon himself to eat any food I bring home (from work, school, etc…). He doesn’t ask, he just takes and doesn’t tell and let’s me figure it out on my own sometimes.

So to retaliate, I’ve started putting lemon juice in nearly everything I cook/bring home so that he can’t eat it. This has stopped him from eating my food, but now he gets upset when I tell him something has lemon in it. So am I an a**hole??

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