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Dad Dumps 80,000 Pennies On Ex’s Lawn For Final Child Support Payment — Big Mistake.

Avery Sanford, an adolescent from Richmond, Virginia, hadn’t seen her father in years until he delivered the last child support payment to her mom. Instead of writing a check, he decided it would be a good idea to leave 80,000 pennies in front of the home his ex-wife and daughter shared. While he believed he was exacting revenge and delivering a message, he would be the one receiving a harsh lesson.

Avery said that she had just turned 18 on the day her father made his unexpected announcement. When she was in the middle of class, her father approached. He rented a trailer, she continued. The subsequent events were recorded on security camera film, which shows Avery’s father drive away after leaving the money in front of the home. Yet the story did not stop there.

After Avery’s father pulled up in front of the home and switched on the trailer so that it spilled out all the pennies on the lawn, the adolescent said that her mother walked out and asked, what is he doing dumping in her yard? According to the senior at Deep Run High School, her mom did not identify the guy who dumped the pennies in front of her house until he yelled, it’s the last child support payment.

The Virginia youngster demonstrated to her estranged father the meaning of “good ‘cents’ and maturity.” Although some may have reacted with fury, the Virginia teen chose a completely different path. Avery Stanford’s attitude toward her penny-hoarding father was far different from anger. She would react with compassion, transforming a negative circumstance into a good one.

Avery Sanford and her mom gathered the copper and placed it away for charity, paying the last child support payment from the divorced father to a domestic violence organization. The mother and daughter agreed that when every penny was collected, the $800 would be given to Safe Harbor, a domestic violence clinic.

About the upset parent, he suddenly realized he had made a grave error. As Avery stated, he’s not just trying to disgrace her mother, but also herself and her sister, and it’s disappointing that he didn’t consider that before he did that. She believes that offering that money to mothers and kids in need transforms this circumstance into a good one. One may get knowledge from it.

It appears that Avery’s dad learned the most important lesson, although it was the most difficult one. In an interview, he said that he responded due to 18 years of pent-up anger and that his emotions got the better of him. He said that the last thing he desired to do was drive a deeper chasm between him and his daughter, but regrettably, he did just that. Now, perhaps, others will learn from this error and avoid repeating it.

Avery hadn’t talked to her father in years, and the episode just confirmed that she made the correct choice to avoid him, since she has no desire to be involved with somebody who would insult her mother. Avery reminded parents that their choices have an effect on their children by stating, doing such things is really harmful to ones children. The acts of ones parents will always have an influence on oneself, regardless of whether they are children or adults.

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