Dad Furious After His Daughter Is Given ‘Cruel List’ Of ‘Rules To Live By’

A concerned parent, under the name Essjax, came to Twitter to reveal what he thought was a terrible list of 11 life rules for kids to follow, which was branded as “cruel.”

The list was supposedly provided to his teen daughter by her manager on the first day of her job at a retail establishment, ostensibly so the young woman would “comprehend” her position while working for the retailer. It was “disgusting” to the father.

After waiting for his daughter to leave, the New Zealand father tweeted, “Kid recently abandoned her work at a local shop (which hires predominantly 16-year-olds to pay way below minimum wage),” alluding to New Zealand’s lack of a minimum wage for employees under the age of 16. Then he got to the point of his post, saying, “This is a letter she got from the supervisor when she came on her first day on the job,” before posting the “disgusting” letter online.

The list starts with a “demoralizing remark” that says, “Life isn’t fair – get accustomed to it.” The rules also contained a disclaimer that “the world will not care about your self-esteem.” Another guideline reads that “if you make a mistake, it is not your parents’ responsibility,” and that instead of “whining about your faults,” you must “learn from them.”

The list also provided kids a wakeup call, warning them, “Television is not real life,” and emphasizing that individuals can’t spend all day at a coffee shop in real life. They must depart and report to work. It also indicates that a teen’s parents were not always as dull as they appear to their youngsters now. Rather, the rule claims that they are that way because of bills, cleaning, and being parents.

The list also featured other “less insulting” guidelines, such as “Be friendly to nerds,” which explained that everybody will “most likely end up working for one.” Nonetheless, Essjax was enraged. But, he kept the memo to himself until his daughter left the position in question. He declined to disclose the employer publicly because he had assured his daughter that he would not.

Hundreds of social media users slammed the regulations as “cruel” and “pathetic and useless,” despite the fact that they are far from unique and have been circulating on social media for years. Many people also claimed that being positive is a much better method to learn.

Several others, though, said that it was “reasonable life counsel,” claiming that the younger generation has grown too privileged and that these rules are exactly what they require to understand.

No matter how you feel about the letter, there is a life lesson to be gained here for everyone. According to her father, the youngster “didn’t remain there long” since she didn’t agree with the employer’s policies. That may be the most important message from this.

You are not required to comply with the rules, but you may not compel somebody to modify them since they contradict your own beliefs. If your views, values, and morals do not coincide, it is often better to leave rather than insist that somebody adjust their rules and limits to meet your requirements.

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