Dad Genius Way To Create Jobs For His Two Adult Children With Down Syndrome.

Joe Wegener, an Ohio father concerned about employment prospects for his two adult children with Down syndrome and took it upon himself to purchase an ice cream truck so they could sell sweet delights.

In addition to keeping his kids in employment, the effort allows them to learn about finances, build their social skills and also show the public how much people with different abilities can do.

Josh and Mary Kate are two of their ten children and Joe and his wife, Freida wanted to prepare them with the same skills as their other children.

Mary Kate had recently finished a career program for people with disabilities and voiced a desire to work with her dad. Moreover, Josh came up with a way to include her and her brother. 

They found another special needs family in nearby Indiana selling an ice cream truck and bought it for them. They are now open for business, driving around Cincinnati and holding events. Joel said that their ice cream sales have surpassed expectations.

Joe said that it is much more than selling ice cream. It is about an experience for one and all and to give their kids something to do and show other parents maybe there is something creative and out of the box that they can come up for their family and for their kids to do something.

Joe added that on a daily basis they connect with people that care so much about special needs or they have their own story and to be able to sit in this truck, look out the window and see kids coming screaming and parents bringing their kid.

For them, it is just an incredible journey. Next, Joel hopes to buy more trucks and hire other people with different abilities.

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