Dad Uses His Final Moments To Cradle His Daughter And It Saved Her Life.

A father’s love cannot be compared to anything. No matter what, he will always guide and protect you. Here is indeed a beautiful story of love of what a father does in his final moments.

A commuter plane travelling to Michigan’s Beaver Island crashed at the airport while landing. The details of the accident were unclear but one thing was sure. A courageous father Mike Perdue, a father of four, in his last moments cradled his daughter Laney Perdue, 11.

Laney was supposed to travel to the island alone to visit friends. But in the end Mike chose to come along. This decision cost him his life but saved his daughter’s.

Christie Perdue Laney’s mother told her daughter only remembered her daddy squeezing her so hard like he cradled her in his arms. He became a human shield for her. As a realisation of the serious danger that could happen in a plane crash, as a father he reached out to hold his child to say a goodbye at the same time in an effort to protect her.

It looks like her dad’s life saving attempt succeeded since Laney Perdue was the only survivor of the Beaver Island plane crash. Christie expressed it as a tragedy simultaneously a miracle too. She dealt with mixed emotions. Besides Mike, the pilot and two other passengers too lost their lives.

Due to the plane crash, Laney suffered multiple injuries and broken bones. All her injuries are focused to one side of her body- the side opposite to where her dad was seated besides her. So this concluded that the courageous dad cradled his daughter to save her life.

Christie knows that her husband truly saved and protected their child. In Christie’s words, “He was just a beautiful human and loved his community, and he loved Beaver Island. I’m not surprised at all that he did that, that he sacrificed and he was her hero.”

Mike’s family starts the toughest journey to live without him. As Christie was grateful and happy to see her daughter alive at the same time mourns the loss of her beloved husband.

Christie remembered the day of the crash, she understood when she reached the hospital that her husband passed away but she had no clue about her daughter. So it’s a miracle that her daughter Laney went from no walking to a wheelchair to a walker and then to crutches. Her aim was to return home on crutches. The 11 year old Laney has left everyone with admiration of her strength.

The community has flooded the Perdue family with love and support. A fundraising page has been created to help the family as they mourn the loss of Mike Perdue. Praying God heals Laney completely and God comforts and brings peace and happiness to the family.

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