Dad wakes up paralyzed from accident, then finds out it killed his 3 young daughters

A dad-of-three who had been injured in a vehicle accident came up in a hospital immobilized, only to discover that his cherished kids had passed away.

Somchai Lurak, a restaurant manager from Idaho, was driving the car that included his three kids, his fiance, Emma Weigand, and other family members. He was 26 years old. A drunk motorist hit their automobile as it was stopped at a red light while traveling at 80 mph.

Somchai had serious injuries as a result of the crash, while Emma, the children’s stepmother, sustained rib and arm fractures.

It was his brother’s task to notify Somchai that his kids had passed away as he was lying in a hospital bed. Aneena, age 6, and Kya, age 5, perished at the spot. Their youngest sibling, Drayka Emyka Rayshell, age 3, was taken to the hospital but eventually passed away from her wounds.

Anthony Smock, the brother of Somchai, reportedly stated that simply when he assumes he might be getting over the worst, tears just start flowing out of his eyes.

He begins to recall the lovely grins and adorable laughter of his nieces, and how each time he would enfold them in his arms and shower them with love and kisses.

He wants his brother to be allowed to have his own children and he wants them back.

Nevertheless, Somchai is fortunate to still be alive. Doctors are astounded that he still has any sensation in his legs at all, according to his brother, who revealed that he is missing seven vertebrae in his neck.

To aid Somchai with the costs of his injury-related medical care, a GoFundMe page has been set up. It is located here.

Smock said his brother has said he’s doing the best he can, but he’s distraught. He is now classified as an incomplete quadriplegic since he has feeling but is immobile. He might never be able to walk again.

The unavoidable fact is that one man’s acts have resulted in the deaths of three young girls and the permanent alteration of many more.

Because drunk driving affects more people than simply the offender, Somchai’s family is now working to spread awareness.

Three portions of their family’s hearts are now permanently lost. He is  pleading with everyone, everywhere, Smock stated.

Drinking and driving is never a good idea; it may ruin people’s lives and families forever.

Do not drive after drinking. Let this serve as a reminder to all!

Kya, Drayka, and Aneena rest in peace babies.

If you wish to send prayers for Somchai and spread the word about the danger, kindly share this article.

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