Dad who has been farting non stop since consuming a ham roll five years ago files a $240,000 lawsuit.

A dad is suing the stand where he purchased the ham roll for £200,000 because he hasn’t stopped farting since eating it five years ago.

Tyrone Prades, 46, purchased the offending food item at a Birmingham Christmas market while there with his wife and kids.

After eating the ham roll in December 2017, the dad experienced stomach pains, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea within hours and was bedridden for five weeks, according to his attorneys’ testimony to the High Court.

However, the alleged salmonella infection did not go away, leaving Mr. Pardes with ongoing, uncontrolled flatulence that wakes him up at night and causes him to feel embarrassed in public, according to his attorneys.

His attorney, Robert Parkin, said in court that even when the illness eased months later, his stomach continued to make uncomfortable churning noises.

He said, “The claimant continues to have extreme flatulence, which greatly embarrasses him.

The main symptoms are flatulence, impaired bowel function, and weariness that are caused by the “churning” in his gut.

The claimant tends to have regular stomach churning to the point that it disturbs his sleep.

The severity of the symptoms has changed people’s lives, the lawyer continued.

The key question in the lawsuit is whether the owner of the flooring firm has salmonella. Additionally, several customers became sick.

Philip Davy, the attorney for Frankfurt Christmas Market Ltd., the company that provided the ham hock, acknowledged that e. coli was discovered on a knife by council environmental health investigators, but no salmonella.

Mr. Davy emphasized that the accusation of salmonella must be proven because Mr. Prades had not stated that he had an e. coli infection.

According to Mr. Parkin, the stand was shut down and thoroughly cleaned after a Public Health England investigation.

The operator is being sued by Mr. Prades of Chippenham, Wilts, for at least £200,000. It disavows responsibility.

Trial will now take place later in the case.

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