Dad’s Heartbreaking Tribute To Wife Who Died Unexpectedly Days After Giving Birth.

A guy from Pennsylvania has written a heartfelt tribute to his ‘wonderful wife,’ who died tragically only days after giving birth to their second kid. Jennifer Krasna (shown, left), 30, of Newtown, died on November 28 at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, according to her obituary. Other information has not been made public.

Four days before her death, the instructor and her spouse, Jesse Krasna, had received their newborn baby, Cade. Ty, her two-year-old son, is also left behind. She adored being a mother. Seeing her smile and holding Cade for the first time makes him happy, Jesse, 31, wrote in an emotional Facebook post posted on Tuesday. The friendship Jenn and Ty have established over the previous two and a half years will never be severed. When she was with him, she had a look of pure delight on her face.

The father remembered Jenn planning “fun things” for their oldest kid and enjoying spending time with him. Nothing stood in the way of becoming the greatest mother she could be, he explained. She kept saying she desired to give Ty a sibling his own age so they could be closest friends, and she made sure she did that before she left them. Jesse stated that he met Jenn while he was a senior and she was a junior in high school. They have been together for almost 13 years.

The first thing he noticed was how her green eyes, blonde hair, radiant grin, and lovely little butt chin lighted up every place she stepped into, he wrote. They were at a campfire in the dark, but he couldn’t stop gazing back in her direction as she was so attractive, he stated, adding that after getting to know her, he found she was as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. He called her the “ideal teammate,” “wonderful buddy,” and “greatest instructor.”

Jesse mentioned that she travelled more than an hour to work every day but declined to transfer to a more convenient school since she adored her pupils at Charlestown Elementary School in Malvern, Pennsylvania. To put it simply, she wasn’t only a genuinely nice girl. She was the perfect girl, and he will miss her terribly, he added. The only comfort he has is knowing how fortunate he is to have been able to love and be loved by Jenn for the past 13 years. A love that will never end. Watching Ty and Cade grow up will serve as a constant reflection of how lovely she was.

Jenn was also adored by her friends, colleagues, and pupils. She taught first and second grade for the Great Valley School District for eight years. The community is shocked that anything like this happened suddenly, said Principal Chris Pickell to the station. Jenn will always go out of her way to help someone, and she adored her students. Pickell characterized her as ‘magical in the classroom,’ noting she always had a bright smile on her face.

Jenn’s best friend, Brianna Plaxe, set up a GoFundMe campaign to help Jesse and his two boys in the aftermath of her loss. Jenn was described by Plaxe as a wonderful mom, loyal wife, adored daughter, passionate teacher, and irreplaceable buddy who was too soon snatched from them. She filled her entire family with love and excitement, she continued.

The campaign received a deluge of donations and quickly quadrupled its $50,000 target in only three days. So far, more than $265,000 has been raised. Jesse is overwhelmed by his family’s, friends’, and community’s love, support, and kindness. Thank you everyone so much, Plaxe stated in a November 30 post.

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