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Dairy Queen Owner Refuses To Apologize For ‘Politically Incorrect’ Sign

After a sign went viral, a Dairy Queen restaurant in Kewaskum, Wisconsin, received unforeseen attention. For years, a sign with an indisputably strong yet provocative message to guests has hung in the front window. With only a few popular phrases, the sign drew attention and sparked a dispute when it was discovered by an out-of-towner.

The post, printed in red and white, readily draws one’s attention before they open the entrance. The sign, which is visible to all, “warns” customers entering the Kewaskum Dairy Queen that “this restaurant is politically incorrect,” adding that service members say “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Easter,” and “God Bless America.”

“We salute and honour the flag,” the sign continues, adding that they “thank our troops,” as well as cops, firemen, and the United States of America. Furthermore, the sign adds that on Veterans Day, the restaurant provides complimentary sundaes to military veterans. It closes with a strong, unmistakable “In God We Trust.”

He believed the sign was acceptable to post since it was clear about the owner and staff’s commitment for God and nation, said Kevin Scheunemann, the franchise owner of this Dairy Queen. It merely appears like such ideas and beliefs are becoming divisive in society.”

According to the proprietor, the sign was initially posted years ago when Scheunemann had a customer complaint about Christian music playing in the restaurant, and it appeared to be effective in snuffing out any more protests. The sign had been there for years without attracting attention until an out-of-town visitor from Oregon noticed it.

The Oregon visitor shared a photo of Scheunemann’s sign on Facebook with the caption, “I find this incredibly insulting,” saying that it was “attached on the front door of the Kewaskum, WI, DQ,” and requesting that Dairy Queen’s corporate office “talk with the franchise owner.” The sign’s picture instantly went viral.

The initial post, which expressed worry over what the Oregon visitor saw to be potentially restrictive ideas embodied in the sign’s statement, was eventually deleted after gaining a great deal of attention. At least one commentator responded positively that the post had been removed, wondering why the statement had sparked such animosity among certain individuals.

There are some individuals who agree with the sign which is OK, but they are also launching personal insults on the individual who published the image and aired her view which is absolutely not fine,” the social media user noted in a comment. But it was only one reaction to the ensuing dispute.

Not only have individuals gone from all over to express their support for the DQ site, but nearby business owners agree with Scheunemann’s choice to post the sign, noting that customers can choose not to enter if they disapprove of the owner’s statement of his ideas.

He put it on the door so one would notice it before one came in, April Serwe, another local business owner, stated.   April isn’t alone in her feelings and backing for Scheunemann’s right to manage his business as he sees fit.

Wisconsin State Representative Jesse Kremer went to the DQ with his family and uploaded the above photo on social media with the remark that thank you CBS 58 and a kind Oregon guest for making their neighbourhood Dairy Queen in Kewaskum the next Wisconsin tourist destination. He is glad to see that the owner hasn’t given up on his first amendment right to free expression.

Kremer said in his post, “FYI, this sign has been on the door for four years!” and used the hashtags #WICampusFreeSpeech and #WITourism.

Local individuals, like local business owners and legislators, support franchise owner Kevin Scheunemann. “I don’t think it’s an issue in our little village,” remarked Liz Torrison, a resident interviewed by the local press. “We’re all just getting along and having a good time,” she continued.

Dairy Queen stated that it did not agree with this franchise owner’s attitude. ‘ This sign conveys the views of this independent owner only and does not speak for ADQ Corporation or any of our other independent franchise owners,’ DQ’s corporate headquarters said in a statement, adding, ‘they expect their franchisees and employees to treat everyone who walks through the doors with respect and dignity. Nothing less will suffice.’

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