Dan Wootton- Johnny Depp is not a victim of cancel culture

Dan Wootton stated that after dragging his butt through the High Court for two years, which culminated in a humiliating loss for Depp and total vindication for himself, he vowed never to mention Johnny Depp again.

He pity’s the former Hollywood icon who has devolved into a pitiful excuse for a guy. An individual with so much – all the money in the world, access to the most powerful people, children who adore him, fans who will stick with him despite literally any form of documented and provably bad behavior, including abuse of a female partner and has become consumed with an overwhelming and unstoppable carving for vengeance at any expense.

Sabotaging his ex-wife Amber Heard is his mission, regardless of the amount it costs, how many lives it wrecks, or the amount it tarnishes his own reputation for the rest of his life. But, after witnessing the heinous court case unfold in the United States over the last few weeks, Dan feels morally obligated to stand up.
Because a completely false narrative is emerging that Depp is somehow the victim of cancel culture — a heinous trend sweeping the Western world that he despises and devotes his professional life working against. Given that this entire problem is Depp’s fault, the idea is ridiculous. All things considered, he dropped himself!
The now-famous editorial he wrote in his previous newspaper The Sun in April 2018, which referred to the actor as a “wife beater” in an online headline, was actually about JK Rowling’s hypocrisy in supporting Depp over Amber while professing to be a supporter of the #MeToo movement.

While he thought it was an essential piece of work, he demanded on suing him for claiming that ‘overwhelming proof was submitted to demonstrate Johnny Depp participated in domestic abuse against his wife Amber Heard.’ That seemed undeniable to him.

In a November 2020 judgement, Judge Justice Nicol, who sat through 16 days of distressing evidence before the Royal Courts of Justice in London, including testimony from Depp and Heard themselves, agreed what he had written was ‘substantially accurate.’ He discovered that 12 of Depp’s 14 incidents of domestic abuse towards Amber had happened.
‘Taking all the evidence together, I conclude that she was the victim of continuous and numerous attacks by Mr Depp in Australia,’ Justice Nicol stated in a devastating conclusion. ‘I accept her evidence of the type of the attacks he performed against her,’ he continued. They have to be scary.’ He also refuted Depp’s assertions that Amber is a “money digger.”

The ruling was so unequivocal that Depp was subsequently rejected an appeal and forced to pay Dan’s legal fees. Any sensible person would have acknowledged the verdict and tried to clean up their act and go on with their lives, however Depp merely relocated the spectacle to the United States.

Depp is suing Amber over a Washington Post story she wrote that he claims implies he was aggressive towards her, despite the fact that she never mentioned his name in the essay. Depp is relying on celebrity justice since this is a jury trial in which his popularity may affect the result.

And, yet again, Amber is being compelled, entirely against her will, to have the specifics of a bad relationship she has long wanted to leave make international news for weeks on end. But it’s far more awful than what’s happening in the courtroom. Amber is being exposed to inhumane attacks by a twisted gang of people known as the Deppheads, who have been on a year-long campaign to ruin her.

Since they have constantly targeted Dan throughout the same time span, he is fully aware of how disgusting these keyboard warriors are. Just one example of their depravity: Depp’s trolls circulated the horrific falsehood that Dan had been raped by a priest at a nearby school in New Zealand, making Dan sympathetic to Heard because he had been harmed by sexual assault in his own life.This type of internet campaign, which he is still exposed to, pales in comparison to the misery they inflict on Amber — a young mother facing poverty and profession ruin if she loses the case – on a daily basis.

The Depphead cultists, who follow the courts and hurl murder dangers on a regular basis, have prompted the Aquaman actress to beef up her personal protection.
This trial has been an alienating experience for Amber, whose every facial expression and dress decision is scrutinized, in contrast to Depp, who treats his court appearances like a rock performance attended by ecstatic fans. The Deppheads successfully utilize social media, particularly Twitter and TikTok, to portray Heard as insane, a sentiment they have helped to normalize. Amber was even savaged online by these trolls for wearing glasses in court as an indication of narcissism, despite the fact that she needs them to read.Eve Barlow, a Scottish activist who has been backing Amber throughout the trial and is one of her few media defenders, fears her friend is being re-traumatized.

She informed Dan that during Depp’s terrible libel trial in the UK, the public heard that he promised Amber Heard ”worldwide embarrassment.” According to how the US trial is being portrayed in the media, he looks to have kept his word.

Not only is the media bias still entirely in Depp’s favor, with  remarkable omissions from press coverage of very damning proofs against him, but the social media landscape is disturbingly vicious for Amber, with TikTok and Twitter, in particular, becoming obtuse and misrepresenting stages inclined to spreading disinformation and misogynist disdain.

The live stream of this trial has resulted in obsessive nit-picking over Amber’s wardrobe and facial expressions on a daily basis, as she is exposed to unbalanced analysis while Depp sits in court grinning, doodling, and  chuckling  with his counsel, supported by an army of vocal Twitter fans seated in the public gallery. It’s a tremendously re-traumatizing event, and it has the potential to harm other abuse survivors.

Amber’s friends aren’t the only ones who have noticed the agony of what she is going through again.

Referring to Depp’s court setback against Dan, Countdown star Rachel Riley tweeted yesterday: ‘There has already been a ruling (so comprehensive it’s 129 pages long) exposing Depp to be a monster. It’s horrible how so many people may now assist him in abusing his victim. I can only assume that anyone supporting him hasn’t read the decision, and I hope no one else has either. Nobody in their right mind could possibly support this man.’

Amber argued on the penultimate day of Depp’s trial against Dan in July 2020 that she simply wants to ‘move on with her life.’ Depp is the one who is denying her the opportunity.

Incidentally, it’s ridiculous to claim he’s been canceled; he’s still the face of Dior’s Sauvage, which is featured on billboards all over, he’s still cast in movies, and he’s traveled the world to be hailed at a slew of film festivals.

Rowling’s decision to dismiss him from the Fantastic Beasts trilogy was motivated by her shame over her ‘Hollywood hypocrisy,’ as Dan originally mentioned in his initial piece.

Johnny Depp is not a victim of the cancel culture; rather, he promotes it. He attempted to cancel Dan and was unsuccessful in the London libel courts, and now he’s attempting to cancel Amber Heard in the United States. 

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