Daughter Got Her Father’s Marriage Stalled When She Refused To Compromise Bride Request.

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My (16F) mom passed away 8 years ago, I look just like her, same hair, same eyes, with the right make up I resemble her exact face. I know that my dad loved my mom so much, losing her hurt him deeply, we became tight knit and my dad has been an awesome parent for me, I know I can count on him for anything.

He’s about to get married to his gf of 3 years, we had a rough patch a year and so ago, when they began to talk about marriage, she didn’t like that he introduced the idea to me rather than just ask her and then let me find out/tell me together, she also didn’t like that I didn’t want to take any part in the wedding party, I’m happy for my dad, I truly am, and I like his gf as a person, but she will never be my mother and at 16, I hardly need to bond with someone that way. I’ll spend the wedding taking care of my uncle’s kids (he’s paying me and I accepted), this wedding is really not a big deal for me. What I did accept is give a small speech about them and that’s all.

A week or so ago, my grandmother (dad’s mom), his fiancé and I went shopping to get something she wanted, I saw a dress that I liked for the wedding and so we went to the store so I could try it on, it was an olive dress that matched my hair nicely (I’m a ginger), they complimented me and my grandma said that I looked like my mother because she wore that color so much, just a small comment. We moved on and that was all. Two days ago, my dad’s fiancé came to me and asked if I was willing to dye my her or wear a wig for the wedding, I was taken aback because, wtf?? I said no, no questions asked. But she said she didn’t want people telling me I looked like my mother at HER wedding. I said no and I asked her to get out of my room because it wasn’t gonna happen.

As soon as my dad came back from work I told him what happened earlier and that it made me feel uncomfortable, I went to stay with my uncle and they talked, the wedding was paused because they fought and his fiancé’s family is blaming me because I caused this problem by refusing to compromise to a bride’s request. I’m feeling guilty because I didn’t mean for this to happen, but sometimes when I try to talk to his fiancé about things I didn’t like/how it made me feel she treats me as a brat who wants to get her way, so I rather tell my dad and have him talk to her. Am I A Jerk?

What would you do in her situation? Any advice. Here are a few comments on the story where it was originally posted: 

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