Daughters Beg Their Mother to Spare Their Lives in Chilling 911 Calls: ‘Please Don’t Shoot!’

The horrific 911 tapes from the scene of Friday’s mother-daughter killings in Texas have been published.

Officials released three 911 calls made prior, during, and after police believe Christy Sheats killed Madison, 17, and Taylor, 22, in front of her suburban Houston home.

Cries can be audible from one of Sheats’ daughters in the first.

“Please! Please forgive me! Please! Don’t fire!” She sobs. “Stop pointing that pistol at her!”

Jason Sheats, the children’ dad, is heard begging: ”Please, I’m sorry. Whatever you desire, I promise…”

The call is then disconnected without anybody communicating with the operator.

Authorities say Christy Sheats, a mother who fatally shot her two daughters, did not target her estranged husband because she "wanted him to suffer" the memory of their deaths. Scarlett Fakhar FOX 26 has more on this tragic story. STORY:

Posted by FOX 26 Houston on Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Officials disclosed Christy Sheats had been hospitalized three times after suicide attempts during a news conference conducted by the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheats, according to authorities, arranged a family gathering before the killings. Jason Sheats told officers he thought it was to talk about their divorce.

Taylor Sheats’ phone received a second call. “She shot ’em,” a lady appears to remark in that call.

The third call came from a neighbor, who told police about the unsettling scene.

“There’s a lady with a pistol,” stated the caller. “They’re laying down in the center of the street.”

Mr. Sheets told cops that Christy received the gun from her deceased grandfather. He claims she sought for and was refused a carry permit, which police are investigating.

Christy Sheats stated she walked inside to reload her rifle after emptying it, then came to kill her daughter Taylor again.

“She shot her once more. She shot her once more… She shot her from behind, ” said the neighbor.

Officials were quickly dispatched to the location. They claim they killed Christy Sheats after she refused to cooperate with their demands to put down the pistol. Madison was discovered dead, and Taylor died later in the hospital.

Police said at Wednesday’s press conference Mrs. Sheats had a history of mental illness and was prescribed multiple medications for the condition at the time of the shootings.

Mr. Sheats survived the incident unharmed and told police he believed he’d been spared so that he would live on to suffer.

Sheats told police his late wife accomplished what she’d set out to do.

“Mr. Sheats will have to live the rest of his life with this terrible memory,” Troy E. Nehls said.

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