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David Beckham’s Daughter Was Called ‘Already Too Fat’ — Dad Protects Her And Takes His Girl On Dates.

David Beckham, the soccer icon, is the proud dad of four children. Originally, he and his wife, Victoria Beckham, had three sons, but David and Victoria were overjoyed to learn that their fourth child would be a girl. Although David is well-known for his soccer skills, the sportsman believes being a father to be his most important duty.

Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, David and Victoria’s first child, was born a few months before their wedding in 1999. Following his birth, Brooklyn’s parents married and settled down, shortly extending their family with his younger brothers, Romeo James Beckham in 2002 and Cruz David Beckham in 2005.

Eventually, in 2011, David and Victoria learned that she was expecting their fourth child. Obviously, the family was pleased about getting another little Beckham baby, however what put them “over the moon” was discovering they were having a little girl. On July 10, 2011, Harper Seven Beckham was born.

David revealed his daughter’s name, Harper, explaining that they selected it since it is an ancient English name. They also chose it due to its ties to the author of “To Kill a Mockingbird,” Harper Lee. For the soccer star and his wife, the name Seven, on the other hand, has spiritual meaning.

However, being the child of a renowned athlete comes with a lot of attention, and internet users have been following Harper since she was a toddler. Many Twitter users reacted to her weight.

Later, in 2017, little Harper became the subject of online vitriol once more, when internet users raced to social media to remark on her weight during a Beckham family beach vacation. Some speculated that Harper should have shed her baby weight by then.

When David observed the constant online bullying, he wished to retaliate, yet his family and friends cautioned him not to poke the bear since a response would very certainly have elicited additional ill-natured comments. However, Victoria and her husband couldn’t bear it when their daughter was mocked.

Following these experiences, David has grown far more protective of his daughter. The soccer player talked about how he and his wife have attempted to protect her from body-shaming and online abuse, claiming they’ve kept her away from social media so far. They are, nevertheless, aware of the impending danger.

Victoria revealed that Harper isn’t on social media, so they don’t have to be concerned about that for the time being. But, given how vicious people can be, that does worry her. She’s at the age where her body will begin to change, but it’s important that they talk frequently as a family and that she connects herself with pleasant companions.

David also works hard to ensure that she has a lifetime of wonderful memories. The adoring father frequently uploads photos of their most recent trips on Instagram, and it’s evident that David adores his only daughter. In several films, he describes how they go on surprise expeditions to get ice cream and enjoy the sights while traveling.

The father of four lavishes attention on his only daughter. They fulfilled their sweet tooth by heading out for gelato at 9 a.m. in Venice, and the athlete posted, “Don’t tell mummy.” They then had doughnuts with the rest of the family. Harper is clearly maturing into a nice, clever young lady.

Victoria also said that her and David’s child dislikes wearing exposing clothing or cosmetics. In fact, Victoria revealed that Harper chastised her for wearing exposing clothing while she was a member of the Spice Girls. The renowned mother recalls how horrified her daughter was when she saw it and vowed she would definitely not wear anything similar in the future.

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