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David Crosby helped Drew Barrymore get sober at 14. What they’ve said about the friendship.

Legendary musician David Crosby died on Jan.19 at the age of 81 after a protracted illness, a source confirmed. While he was well-known as a founding member of the Byrds, many individuals are unaware of his acquaintance with star Drew Barrymore.

Following the musician’s passing, a recent tweet that informed followers of his generosity for Barrymore began receiving likes and retweets shortly after it was sent Thursday evening.

A lovely David Crosby story: when Drew Barrymore was 14, he and his wife took her home for a while. She was in treatment yet her insurance was running out, so the people operating the place recognized Crosby and asked them to take her because she wasn’t ready yet and couldn’t go home securely, read the tweet from user @collectdust.

Barrymore battled with drug and alcohol addiction as a youngster after becoming famous for her part in “E.T.” She has previously stated that her mom encouraged her substance abuse by considering her more like a buddy than a daughter. When Barrymore was 13, her mom committed her to a psychiatric hospital for a year and a half due to her own mental health issues. She became independent of her parents when she was 14 years old.

During a June 2021 interview Crosby, who has been honest about his own battles with addiction, revealed how he and his wife, Jan, took Barrymore in following her stay in the facility.

They recognized her since they were both in rehab at the time. They were going to meetings three times a week and were completely sober, Crosby explained. She was at a facility run by one of their friends, and they said, her insurance is about to expire. They’ll have to get rid of her. And she isn’t prepared. She requires a secure haven.

Crosby and his wife stepped in, he claimed, adding that they established good limits and guidelines for her.

In the morning, they took her to school and attempted to be a positive influence. He believe they were nice and kind, and it felt good to do so, he explained. He believe she has matured into a responsible human being and is a wonderful person.

Barrymore stayed with Crosby for two months, describing him as a interesting guy in a 2015 interview. She even went on tour with Crosby, which she described in an interview as a “very crazy” event.

However, even on a rock-and-roll tour, Barrymore recalls Crosby enforcing regulations like as bedtimes. She also expressed sympathy for Crosby and his wife since they had to take in this baby, and they weren’t parents themselves.

In her 1990 book, “Little Girl Lost,” Barrymore spoke about Crosby’s sympathy for her. She located a payphone and contacted Crosby since he and his wife were pals of Barrymore’s therapist and functioned as “surrogate parents” for her, she wrote.

Barrymore requested that Crosby take her up, which he did. He drove her back to his place, where they talked for over two hours before eating breakfast inside.

The “50 First Dates” star has yet to officially remark on Crosby’s passing, but many other celebrities have.

In both life and music, David was brave. He leaves a huge vacuum in terms of raw personality and brilliance in this world, Graham Nash, a former bandmate, remarked on Facebook.

It is with a deep and profound sadness that I learned that my friend David Crosby has passed. I know people tend to…

Posted by Graham Nash on Thursday, 19 January 2023

The essence of CSNY, David’s voice and enthusiasm were at the center of their band, Neil Young, his former colleague, said on his website. His brilliant tunes stood for everything they believed in, and playing together was always enjoyable and exhilarating.

He don’t know what more to say except that he is sorry to hear about David Crosby, Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson said. David had an incredible talent – a fantastic singer and songwriter. And a lovely person. He is simply at a lost for words. David’s family and friends deserve all love and mercy.

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