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Dax Tejera And Wife Actually Left Daughters Alone For Hours To Go Out To Dinner Before Death.

New information is surfacing concerning ABC producer Dax Tejera and his wife, Veronica Tejera, who are suspected of leaving their two girls alone in a Manhattan hotel room on December 23. According to accounts, the couple left the kids alone for hours so they could have supper with pals at a neighboring steakhouse before Dax died of a heart attack.

Veronica Tejera, 33, was arrested just hours after her husband died unexpectedly at the age of 37. She was later charged with two charges of acting in a manner detrimental to a kid after the couple allegedly left the daughters, who are 5 months and 2 years old, alone at the Yale Club at 50 Vanderbilt Avenue.

Veronica Tejera claimed in a statement released Monday that she accompanied her husband to the hospital and requested her parents and a close friend to come to the hotel to watch the little girls as she observed them through video while they slept.

Veronica Tejera claimed that the members-only club refused to let her companion be with the youngsters and instead called the cops.

The young girls, though, were left alone for a long length of time, as per police sources, since the couple went about 8 p.m. to have supper with another couple at adjacent steakhouse Bobby Van’s 230 Park. The well-known diner is only across the street from the Yale Club.

An unidentified employee at the steakhouse on Tuesday was eating dinner when a waiter noticed Dax seemed ill.

So, before anyone ate, immediately after the waiter brought the orders, he inquired, ‘Are you fine sir?’ the newspaper worker explained.

He got up and started walking like he was going to the men’s room, however he made a right turn and went out the front door, and the waiter followed him outside, he said.

The server stated he slumped in the corner, directly outside the restaurant, the employee explained.

When the other couple arrived at the hotel to check on the kids, workers discovered they had been left unsupervised and notified the police about 11 p.m. The girls’ mom had left her phone inside the room and claims she kept an eye on the youngsters using a video monitor and her husband’s phone while they were gone.

They had two cameras aimed at her children as they slept, and she observed them attentively in the time she was away from them. While the girls were not harmed, Veronica Tejera stated in her statement that it was a terrible judgment.

Her family and she are crushed by Dax’s untimely death. He has left behind a bereaved family and two girls he adored, she said in a statement. Their family has been through a horrific tragedy. She sincerely requests privacy while her kids and she grieve Dax’s passing.

According to Veronica Tejera’s LinkedIn page, she works as a senior producer for the Washington Post. She resides in Maryland and Delaware.

Her spouse worked as a producer on This Week with George Stephanopoulos on ABC. ABC News president Kim Godwin revealed the passing of the popular producer in an internal email.

Their hearts go out to his wife, Veronica, and the couple’s two young girls, as well as the whole Tejera family, Goodwin said in a statement.

Tejera also spent five years at NBC after graduating from Dartmouth and Columbia’s Graduate School of Journalism.

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