Delusional Bride Cancels Wedding, Thinks It’s Okay To Spend The $30K That Guests Donated For It.

Many couples feel that each and every aspect of arranging a wedding must be immaculate and ideal in every way. Some women get perceived as “bridezillas” during their wedding. Read the story to know why the guests were furious with this bride and how you would react to this situation.

Source: Reddit

In the United States, a wedding typically costs $33,391. However, the quantity varies significantly depending on where a specific pair resides. For example, couples in New York City spend the most at $76,944, while couples in New Mexico pay the least – $17,584. So, while this bride may not have been able to have the wedding of her dreams, the $30K in donations was definitely a significant boost to the budget.

The visitors were completely enraged.

After some time, the bride reacted.

However, this did not extinguish the fire.

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