Deputy Sacrifices Himself to Save His Wife From an Accident – A Miracle Occurs 23 Days Later.

Lucas and Nicole Shoffner of Anderson County were repairing a dirt bike on the side of the road late at night when off-duty Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Raymond Surber crashed into them with his 2017 Chevrolet Silverado. The accident was awful, and both the husband and wife were hurt.

Nicole was sent to Fort Sanders for treatment of a minor head injury, while Lucas was taken to the UT Medical Center Transplant Intensive Care Unit for treatment of significant brain injuries. His situation was so critical that physicians put him in a medically induced coma in the intention of stabilizing him. Officials then explained what had occurred that fatal evening.

Loudon County Deputy Matt Fagiana, a personal acquaintance of the couple, relayed the news that Lucas had moved Nicole out of the path shortly before the tragedy, sparing her life but perhaps sacrificing his own. As a consequence, Lucas took the brunt of the blow.

Lucas remained in the intensive care unit “fighting for his life” with a brain bleed and several fractures, while his wife begged for his survival. He needed dangerous brain surgery to remove the swelling, and doctors weren’t sure he’d survive. But, three weeks after the occurrence, the couple witnessed a miracle.

Lucas awoke after 23 days in a coma. Despite the fact that the young deputy was still drugged, physicians were confident in his improvement.

Lucas remained in the intensive care unit for another 17 days before Nicole learned that her husband had recovered sufficiently to be moved to a rehabilitation facility. She soon joined her husband at an Atlanta recovery center, where Lucas faced a long road ahead of him. Nonetheless, she was astounded by his amazing recovery and stayed by his side.

The news of Lucas’ courageous gesture quickly spread, and the entire country rallied to assist the pair. A couple’s buddy set up a Go Fund Me page, which raised just under $100,000 in a few months.

Nicole was allegedly unable to stand for months following the accident due to excruciating agony. Nonetheless, she expressed gratitude for her survival and attributed it to her husband Lucas, who was making improvement yet faced a lifelong struggle.

It’s unknown how severe Lucas’ wounds were or what his life will be like as a consequence of the accident. Nicole, on the other hand, declined to leave his side, preferring to take their shared recuperation one day at a time.

There is no greater love than sacrificing one’s life for another, and Lucas wonderfully represents this axiom. He and his wife spent years putting their lives at danger for their town, and happily, the community has risen up to express their support.

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