Desperate mom of twins calls police when she can’t tell them apart.

When the mom of newborn twins couldn’t tell them apart, she appealed to the police for assistance.

She have to go to the police station tomorrow to have her twins fingerprinted so they can tell her which one is which, Sofia Rodrguez, 25, of Córdoba, Argentina, recently tweeted in Spanish. She was named ‘Mother of the Year.’

The mother posted images of her 2-month-old twins, Valentin and Lorenzo, on Twitter, stating that although the boys seem somewhat different in photos, in person, they are the same.

She told that she never imagined she’d get them mixed up — Valentin usually (wore) a blue ribbon, but when she discovered it was too tiny for him, she chose to take it (off).

The infants had just been unwell, and when Rodriguez changed one of her son’s onesies, she became confused. That was insane, she recalls.

Rodrguez claims that on March 2, she requested the police to fingerprint her infants, but the prints did not appear very distinct.

According to the mother, the boys’ fingerprints will be used to identify them on March 15 by Argentina’s National Register of People.

On Twitter, several individuals attempted to assist Rodriguez.

Rodrguez is not alone, according to Dr. Joan A. Friedman, author of “Emotionally Healthy Twins” in Los Angeles.

Identical twins seem quite similar, particularly at birth, she says. Without a weight difference, birthmarks, or other clear identifiers, it might be difficult to tell them apart, particularly if parents are concerned, worried, or sleep deprived.

Colored wristbands, name tags, pierced ears, a painted toe (with nontoxic polish), or utilizing allocated seats in the vehicle or at the table might also be helpful.

Twins’ distinct characteristics develop as they grow, making it easier for parents — but not strangers — to tell them apart. According to Friedman, twin parents should assist separate their kids physically and not push “best buddy” notions.

Some parents say that without a necklace or distinguishing hairstyles, instructors don’t recognize who is who, she observes. Parents should accept some responsibility for this once their kids leave the nest; otherwise, it might have a psychological impact.

Friedman recommends parents of twins to devote time for each kid, even from infancy, to develop their distinct interests and build separate ties.

At the age of two and a half or three, if parents suddenly begin spending alone time with each twin, the objections begin, she explains. Parents may think it’s because twins are separated, but it’s typically since they haven’t had 1:1 time with their parents.

Friedman suggests that twin parents celebrate their children’s birthdays with two cakes, two rounds of the “Happy Birthday” song, and various gifts. Take photographs of your twins not just together, but also separately and with each parent.

Friedman believes that life will get simpler for parents of twins like Rodriguez.

She must be worried, perplexed, overwhelmed, and guilty, she says. Friedman hope this mom found some peace in reading that other parents often face the same issue.

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