Desperate mum fighting a High Court battle to stop son’s life support being switched off

A distraught mother is battling for her son’s life in the High Court after he lost consciousness following a ‘freak mishap’ at home. Hollie Dance, 46, wishes to keep her 12-year-old son Archie Battersbee on life support, however doctors warn he is ‘very likely’ brain dead.

Hollie and Archie’s father, Paul Battersbee, want to give Archie more time to check whether his health improves before deciding whether to discontinue his life support.

Hospital officials have requested a judge from the High Court’s Family Division in London to review the issue and decide in Archie’s best interests.

Mum-of-three Hollie explained that Archie had a catastrophic brain damage only four weeks ago, so there hasn’t been enough time to recover. She denied the brain stem tests that would have declared him brain dead. It’s far too early. He’s tightened his grasp on her fingers. She suppose that’s his way of telling her he’s still here and just needs a little more time.

She suppose that’s his way of telling her he’s still here and just needs a little more time. They don’t know the extent of the damage, but she would rather have some Archie than none at all if it meant she could wake up every morning and kiss his adorable little face.

She is battling for however much time as could reasonably be expected to watch and stand by. Her elder children, Tom, 22, and Lauren, 20, visit their brother every day and attempt to persuade him to react. They chat to him all day and play his favorite song, Lucid Dreams by Juice WRLD and voice notes from his companions.

At the moment, she is clinging to hope. Until it’s God’s way, she won’t agree he should go. She has seen miracles when people have come back from the dead. He may not be the same person he once was, but if there is a chance for him to have a cheerful life after this, she wants to offer it to him.

Barrister Fiona Paterson, representing Barts Health NHS Trust, told Mrs Justice Morgan that Archie’s “treatment team believes he is, in reality, brain-stem dead.” They claim that Archie’s motions are reflexes.

She expressed to the court that even if Archie is not brain-stem dead, his treating team believes that it is exceedingly improbable that he will ever recover consciousness, and hence it is in his best interests that his mechanical breathing be stopped.

Archie’s case will be reviewed at a subsequent hearing on May 12. Mrs Justice Morgan called Archie’s case as “unfathomably heartbreaking,” and expressed optimism for a resolution.

Archie, a keen gymnast and MMA fighter, was unconscious when his mother discovered him lifeless, hanging with a string wrapped under his chin at his family home in Southend-on-sea.

She explained that she and Archie had gone shopping and returned home together on April 7th. They had the greatest afternoon until Archie strolled in with this bag and a mischievous expression on his face. He was going to tease her- that’s how he is, always on the run. He handed her a sweet, but she could see he was carrying their pet bunny, Simian. She laughed with him and urged him to put the bunny back where it belonged. She texted him after he had left her room.

Some few minutes had gone and she assumed he was quiet, but wasn’t concerned as he’s 12 and doesn’t require to be watched over him all the time around the house. When she got out of her room and summoned him, she noticed the rabbit. When she drew nearer she could likewise see Archie was hanging there.

She attempted to untie the chain and lower him, but he was so heavy that she couldn’t raise him and remove the knot. She couldn’t pull it off, but she could shift it away from his neck, so she relieved the pressure on his neck and dashed into the street to yell for assistance. She returned to Archie and snapped the rope. Archie collapsed on the floor, and she screamed and panicked. Joe, a neighbor, came over and phoned an ambulance, taking over CPR until aid arrived.

Archie, a student at Chase High School in Southend, was transported to Southend University Hospital and then moved to the Royal London Hospital, where he is now ventilated.

Hollie added that at first she assumed it was a ‘freak mishap’ and Archie was fooling about with the cable and the bunny, but since it occurred, she doubts whether Archie was partaking in an ‘online challenge.

Somebody contacted her and said they’d heard about lads wearing ligatures on their heads as part of an internet challenge. It might not be, but she is not dismissing the possibility. Archie’s sister Lauren has launched an Instagram profile @spreadthepurplewave where individuals may follow Archie’s progress after his injury.

Celebrity boxers including David Haye and Ricky Hatton have submitted films of support to the website. Archie’s gofundme page has also received almost £11,000 in donations.

Hollie said the money is for any future therapies he may require, and they are not ruling out transporting him abroad. She added that she and Archie say to each other that stopping is not a choice. She will pursue every possible avenue.

He is their hero, and they are so proud of what he has accomplished. He is a world-class gymnast with the potential to become an MMA champion. He enjoys training, and they want to get him back to doing what he enjoys. They are not giving up on him.

May Archie recover soon and join back with his family happily like before. Praying for the family.

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