“Despite Crying During The Interview, I Got The Job!!”

Source: Reddit

I desperately needed a better paying job to provide for my girls so I can get groceries, rent, bills, and to start saving again. Trolls pointing out my poor parenting as if I don’t know that hose water is bad for my girls even temporarily when asking for help.

I interviewed for a job that I’ve never been more confident in my ability to do. At the end the supervisor said “You have never worked with trucks before yet you are so knowledgeable and seem to just “get it”, how do you know so much? It was an innocent question. I don’t know if it’s because of all the stress i’ve been under but I burst into tears in front of two supervisors and a HR manager.

I am so good at stuffing personal emotion aside but once I started crying, I couldn’t stop. I managed to mumble “my dad” through my hiccupy breaths. The reason I know so much is because of him and it is, and always will be a sore subject for me.

Embarrassed at my unprofessional outburst I sent a short email apologizing for it and thanking them for giving me an opportunity to work with them. I received a call about an hour ago offering me the position!!!

The past few months have been straight hell but things are now falling into place that are even better than I could have imagined, my girls and I are going to be OK.

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